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Totem Sign for Carter Law

Totem signs are great at capturing the attention of potential customers as they pass by which means that you can showcase the location of your business as well as explain what it is you sell or provide.

We produced a quality piece of high-end totem signage for Carter Law. With the totem sign, we can include a large amount of information relating to the company in question.

For Carter Law, we could have the company name and logo at the precipice of the sign. Underneath this, we included a list of the services that they provide; personal injury, family law, immigration, civil litigation, debt recovery, and contract law. The second-half section of the totem sign holds relevant certificates that the company is accredited with and lastly, the bottom of the sign includes the company contact details; telephone number, email, etc.

Totem Sign Installation

The sign was designed at our offices, working closely with Carter Law to finalise the look of the sign before we started constructing it. The sign itself was put together off-site before being transported and erected on location.

The positioning of totem signs is an important part of the design process. We need to know where the sign is intended to be erected so that we can ensure it blends in with the current building aesthetic of Carter Law and the surrounding area yet stands out enough to be seen by passers-by. The sign had to be adjacent to foot traffic as well as the road so drivers could be able to easily see it without disrupting the flow of the traffic.

The totem signage we designed and constructed for Carter Law was double-sided to make full use of the materials and increase the number of views the sign would get.