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Shop Signs for G Housley

Shop signs for G Housley

We created and installed some excellent illuminated shop sign for G Housley, a retail company situated in Heywood. G Housley are a wonderful company who sell a variety of electrical appliances nationwide as a franchise of Euronics. Come and take a peek into how things went, and don’t forget to check out their shop for your electronic needs!

The company had a clear idea of what kind of signage they needed for their shop front. As a franchised shop, they needed to comply with branding guidelines from their franchiser, so we worked with them to meet all of their requirements whilst still affording them some freedom. Our ultimate goal was to work closely with them in collaboration to ensure they had high quality, stylish and effective signage that was in accordance with their franchise regulations.

Which sign did they choose and why?

They chose to go with an illuminated fascia sign for this signage installation. The goal was, as always, to ensure that their design was clean and easy to read, well projected and that it draws in the eyes of passersby to increase custom. The fascia shop front sign provided the company with a modern and stylish finish that tells customers that their company operates in an up-to-date and efficient manner. Investing in the high-quality fascia signage that Elite Sign Solutions provide has given G Housley an amazing tool to communicate their brand identity with potential customers, as well as giving customers the confidence that they will get the most from the money they spend with a reputable business.

The Elite Sign Solutions process

We began our process with a survey to establish the needs of the company, the space that we had to work with, and which sign options would best serve their space, design and most importantly, would be perceived enticingly by those who see it.

Once we completed the survey and gained a good understanding of the work that was necessary to best serve G Housley, we were able to provide a quote for the company. The quote included the price for design, manufacture and installation.

We then got straight to work with the design for the shop front sign. We were able to meet all the requirements of the company as well as providing a sign that reflected their individual shop in Heywood. It was a win-win!

Then it was time to manufacture the sign. We got back to our premises at Elite Sign Solutions and built the sign from scratch using our high-spec technology for maximum quality. We were really happy with how this sign turned out.

The final step on this project was installation. At Elite Sign Solutions we pride ourselves on impeccable installation services. We approach all of our sign installation with the aim of minimizing disruption to every company that we work with. We are quick, precise, thorough and highly experienced.