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How can posters help you promote your business?

Intempo provide a wide range of quality products for music lovers. In order to make themselves stand out from the crowd, they hired us to install flat cut lettering for their store’s façade.

Whilst they have a huge online presence, shipping goods to countries all over the world, it is still important to keep their physical store in Chadderton looking fresh and modern for the number of customers that walk through their doors.

Flat-cut lettering can be a complicated and somewhat frustrating piece of signage to supply. But our experts are always on hand to provide our customers with the best advice on how to move forward.

Flat Cut Lettering Chadderton

There are a few things the customer needs to decide on before we can get started. Fonts are so abundant these days that it can be hard narrowing it down to that one perfect font that fits your company’s aesthetic. There is also the case of deciding on the right depths and illumination for the signage. Signs need to look good in different types of natural lighting and remain appealing during the night, so the perfect balance between the two needs to be achieved.

We helped take the stress away from the whole process by sitting down with Intempo and providing a full quotation where we talked them through all the options available to them and gave them expert advice on how to continue. We collaborated on artwork to make sure they were getting the sign they wanted, at a price that was right for them.

We worked on the blue Intempo flat cut letter signs for the front of their Chadderton property to coincide with their current aesthetic. We strive to ensure that our signage adds to the appeal of a building and takes nothing away.

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