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Thinking of rebranding?

Thinking of rebranding? Elite Sign Solutions have got you covered.

Your branding is incredibly important because it projects the essence of who you are as a company. Potential customers will make assumptions about what you do, what your ethos is and where you sit in your industries marketplace, all from the quality of your branding.

Companies decide to rebrand for a variety of different reasons. If you are looking to rebrand, perhaps you have decided to take your brand in a new direction, or maybe you are simply looking to bring your company up to date and feel as though your branding should reflect that. Either way, Elite Sign Solutions provide quality rebranding services that will assist you from start to finish.

The key to a smooth and effective rebrand is to get to core of who you want your business to become, and then project that out into the world for all to see. Carry on reading to find out how we will help your business achieve an effective rebrand.

What is our rebranding process?

Let us give you an idea of what Elite Sign Solutions rebranding process looks like

1. Soul searching

Firstly, we need to get to the core of who you are as a business. We will meet with you to gain an idea of what your business goals are, and what your intended outcomes are with your rebrand. This will give us a chance to get to know you, make sure that we are the same page from the very start of the process, and that we can collaborate efficiently and creatively on this project together. The directions we take together along the rebranding process will all stem from this step, getting to know the soul of your business, so that we can show others through your branding.

2. Develop the picture perfect

Then we are going to ask you for ideas that you have already regarding logos or other imagery. You can go out into the market place and have a look at other brands, gain inspiration or even learn about what you definitely don’t identify with. We will then come back together and create a plan based on your findings. We can of course provide recommendation along the way should you so desire.

3. Add a splash of colour

Once we have an idea of what sort of logo you have in mind, we will dive into talks about colour schemes. Colours evoke unconscious responses from customers, so we are going to want to create a colour scheme that reflects how you would like to relate to your customer base. Examples of this might be that green is a natural colour and works well for nature-based brands, or blue is a calming colour and works well for places like hospitals where you would like have a calming influence on people who use your brand.

4. Create concept logos

After these initial steps, we at Elite Sign Solutions will go away and create concept logos. We will use all of the information that we have gathered from working with you, as well as using our expertise in rebranding to create some ideas that match your needs for you to review.

Once we have our final products we will return them to you and ask for your feedback. Although we always hope that we have done a good job straight off the bat, we welcome feedback of all kinds – we care about getting your brand right.

5. Make amendments

Once we have the feedback from you, we will be able to go away and make amendments in accordance with what you’ve said. At Elite Sign Solutions, our goal is always to amplify your business with each service that we provide. This includes designing the perfect branding for you.

6. Produce your very own branding guideline

Your branding guideline will illustrate each step of the branding process, how each step will work, what the different elements will provide and the outcomes that are intended by the choices that we will make together. This will include a list of all of things that will need recreating with your new branding on it including signage and uniforms

7. Its quote time

Once you have been able to review your branding guideline, you will be in a position to make solid and informed decisions about what more you need from us at Elite Sign Solutions. Whether this be, stylish  fascia shop front signs, wayward directional signs, making your signage compliant with equality quotas with braille, printing rebranded uniform for staff, or a package that contains all of these elements, we will provide you with a quote at a competitive price.

8. Get it done!

Finally, we will implement your order quickly and efficiently to our high Elite Sign Solutions standards. We will be available for communication throughout this process and will be happy to help with any queries along the way. We create our signs and products in-house and we expertly install them ourselves, so you don’t have to worry about a thing, we will take care of everything for you.

Why choose Elite Sign Solutions to rebrand?

We know that that the internet is jam packed full of wonderful designers, and we do not doubt for a moment that they could create beautiful designs that look great on a screen. However, one of the problems that we often encounter is customers coming to us with their newly designed branding, only to find that their designs are not compliant with the signage they require. This happens because the designer doesn’t have experience in creating signage, so they have created a design that does not serve your company on a sign. Here at elite sign solutions, our in-house rebranding designers know exactly what works in the real world, for real businesses and real customers. We create designs for your brand that are as functional as they are beautiful. You will get high quality products as well as a clear design that reflects you brand identity perfectly.

We are the ultimate one stop shop, taking care of all elements of your rebrand, from the design process to the implementation and installation process. Elite Sign Solutions provide the best value for money in the market and we are dedicated to creating the best outcomes for your business.