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How we can help you to reach out to more customers with braille and tactile signs

Braille and tactile signs

When you install new signs for your business, you need them to be accessible to a wide customer base. You want to create opportunities that enable your signage to reach as many customers as possible. Once you have made sure that your sign is bright, readable and eye catching, what more can you do to extend the accessibility of your signs?

You create signs that are accessible for people who struggle to interpret bright and eye-catching signs, ensuring that those who have impaired vision can also interpret the sign. Elite Sign Solutions can include braille imprints on all necessary tactile signs, helping your business to be as inclusive as possible whilst extending your reach to a wider client base.

How will this be beneficial for your company?

Utilizing Elite Sign Solutions braille and tactile signage will ensure that your company’s signs are compliant with the 1995 disability discrimination act as well as the equality act 2010.  Not only this, but with braille signage, you will get the absolute most out of your signs because your customers won’t need to be fully sighted for your signs to be fully effective, and your clients with weaker sight will feel more comfortable in your spaces.

It is a service that is beneficial to you legally, practically, and ethically, it’s a triple win!

Signs that benefit from braille additions 

Any kind of directional, or wayfinding sign is an excellent choice for including braille additions. Customers of all visual abilities should be able to navigate their way around your space confidently.

Signs that indicate that you have reached a destination within your premises such as toilets also work really well with braille and tactile signage.

Signs that give instructions to customers within a space are an important use of braille signage. An example of this might be, if you require people to wear protective gear and this is communicated via a sign, you can ensure that it is indented with braille to extend your customer reach and inclusivity.

What is our process?

Here at Elite Sign Solutions, our expert sign constructors manufacture the braille signs in-house. This means that we can make them to the exact requirements of your specific business.

  • We will engage in the design process with you, depending on your specific requirements.
  • From there we will cut the tactile letters and/or images on our high spec engraver.
  • After the text is cut, we weed the excess material to leave a smooth, clear and clean finish.

This is where the braille comes in –

  • We simply change the setting on our high spec engraver to our braille drill. This allows us to place indents in the appropriate places on the sign.
  • Finally, we then insert the raised braille beads into the indents so that they stay in place. You will be left with a high quality, professional looking sign that is readable by sighted, partially sighted and blind customers.

Here at Elite Sign Solutions, we know that signs are an important form of communication within business and we think that communication should feel personal. So, we work alongside you to create the perfect sign that communicates exactly what you want to say, in the exact way that you would like to say it, to reach as many people as we can.

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