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A Guide to Understanding Safety Sign Colours

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According to the Safety Signs and Signals Regulation of 1996, every building is required to display safety signs for its employees in order to guarantee safety in an emergency. Here at Elite Sign Solutions, we have significant experience when it comes to health and safety signs. In fact, they are an important component that should be installed in every public building, not just workplaces. Read on as we go over the different colours that are used in order to convey important lifesaving information…


As a colour that often portrays danger, red health and safety signs are often used in order to signal a restricted or prohibited area or tell people that they cannot do something. For example, red is the colour that is used on ‘no smoking’, ‘no entry’, and ‘no mobile phones’ signs. They are usually bright and the colour tends to take up at least 35% of the sign in order to draw people’s attention to it before they get themselves into trouble.


When a sign is warning you of a hazard, it tends to be yellow in colour. After all, this colour is synonymous with potential danger and tells people to be precautious and wary of their environment. The most common use for these types of signs are to warn people of dangerous chemicals, however, the colour yellow is also used for things like ‘mind the step’ signs.


Unlike the previous two, the colour green suggests safety and help which is why it is often used for fire exit route signs, first aid signs and assembly point signs. In fact, they also tend to display white arrows in order to tell people which direction to go. Since fire safety is incredibly important in the workplace, it is important that these signs are implemented everywhere.


Another variation of signs are blue in colour and tell people when an action is mandatory, such as ‘keep fire door shut’ signs, ‘pick up litter’ signs and ‘eye protection must be worn signs. Since they indicate a specific behaviour that must be undertaken, mandatory blue signs are often used in laboratories and the workplace to ensure that people stay safe and follow instructions.

From schools to workplaces, health and safety signs can be found in a multitude of different buildings. After all, they tell people where they can and cannot go in order to stay out of harm’s way. If you have decided to update your health and safety signage in order to comply with the Safety Signs and Signals Regulations, the Elite Sign Solutions team are the experts you want on your side! To find out more information, get in contact with the finest signs in Manchester today!

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