Utilising Effective Signage For Valentine’s Day

  • By thomas swales
  • 30 Jan, 2017

It’s no secret that our signage services provide cost-effective solutions to any business that is struggling to stand out within a crowded industry. If you’re unable to really branch out into the likes of digital marketing or television adverts, then we understand that it’s difficult to compete with bigger businesses, as they simply have more money to throw into a marketing campaign.

As a smaller business owner, this means that you need to think of different ways of getting people to take notice of your company, and that’s where Elite Signs come in. In order to drum up interest and get people talking about you, it’s also certainly worth jumping on trending topics and events to get people through the door. For example, when Pokemon Go was released last summer, a whole host of pubs were using signs to advertise the fact that they were a Pokemon Gym.

Well, we’re only a couple of weeks away from the annual romance-fest that is Valentine’s Day, and this is a huge chance for businesses to use our signs to take advantage of the special day. But how? We’re glad you asked, because we’re going to run you through it…

1)    Run Promotions

Any nationwide event such as Valentine’s Day serves as a great excuse for you to run special promotions- which is a sure-fire way of attracting more customers. Whether you start offering BOGOF on some of your products or a discount on your services, businesses everywhere have an opportunity to get people through the door. Well, our signs are a great way of letting people know about these promotions, which is therefore going to attract attention and boost awareness of your business.

2)    Brand Awareness

Holidays such as Valentine’s Day present a chance for businesses to tweak their branding a little to capitalise on the fact that it’s on everyone’s minds. For example, this could something as simple as incorporating Cupid’s arrow into your logo, or adding a few love hearts to your colour scheme. Our signs are a great way of showing off your topical look, and will surely highlight the fact that you might have exactly what potential customers are looking for.

3)    Advertise Products

Most importantly of all, Valentine’s Day will allow you to make the most of your creativity and to show off what your business has to offer. The real trick is to use Valentine’s Day as a platform to advertise what your company actually does and how customers can benefit, which will ultimately lead to people talking about you and flooding through your door. On a crowded high street, it can be hard for a business to make itself heard- but our signs are a great way of letting you really shout.

Here at Elite Signs, we provide the best signs Manchester has to offer, and please get in touch if you’d like any further info on how our services can benefit you!

By thomas swales 13 Jul, 2017

We’re dedicated to making things easy for business owners here at Elite Sign Solutions, because we understand just how difficult it can be for some brands to really stand out from the crowd. We offer a range of products that are all designed to boost brand awareness and to get your voice heard- and do so in an extremely convenient manner.

When it comes to getting an effective sign for your business, it can be incredibly frustrating when you find yourself having to deal with a number of separate companies as you look to have a sign designed, manufactured and then installed. Fortunately, we do all three of these things for you at Elite Signs, meaning that you can get everything taken care of under one roof.

On top of this, we’ve also opened up an online shop which gives you instant access to a variety of fantastic products. But what can you buy? We’re going to run you through some of the products you can’t afford to miss…

-         Branded Products

Nothing quite sticks in the mind as well as a piece of stationery with your company logo emblazoned onto it. By displaying your brand on office supplies, business cards and other items, you’ll soon be displaying a level of professionalism that would otherwise be impossible to achieve. Additionally, you’ll also be reinforcing your brand image and making sure that customers find you hard to forget.


-         Exhibition Essentials

As part of your mission to increase awareness of your brand, you might be thinking about booking yourself onto some kind of exhibition. This can be an incredibly effective way of getting people to hear about your business, but only if it’s done right. Our shop offers absolutely everything you could need to run a successful stand- we’ve got roller banners, pop-up stands, business cards and a load of other great products you shouldn’t miss out on!


-         Signs

Well, we’re called Elite Sign Solutions, it would be a little strange if our shop neglected to provide you with a range of great signs. We’ve got a range of fantastic signage available to order directly through the website, allowing you to choose the size and style you require and then use our price calculator to find something in your budget! It’s safe to say that finding your perfect sign has never been so easy…

Our online shop sells some of the best signs in Manchester , so head on over there today to get started on boosting your brand!

By thomas swales 07 Jul, 2017

You’re standing in the middle of a crowded room. Potential customers and clients are milling about all over the place, just waiting for you to snap them up, while fellow industry professionals are also vying for their attention on all sides. You struggle to make your voice heard over the din of the room, and you feel helpless as you watch your competitors gain all of the attention. You’re in the middle of an exhibition, and you’ve come massively under prepared.

Exhibitions can be stressful events if you’re hosting your own stand, and everyone dreads of being stuck in the nightmare scenario of no one coming to speak to them. If you want to avoid the horribly embarrassing situation above, then you need to make absolutely sure that you’re well prepared for the event, so that you can draw attention to what you’re offering.

When you’re quite literally surrounded by competitors, it’s obviously very important that you’re doing all you can to stand out. Well, there’s absolutely no need to panic, because we’re here at Elite Sign Solutions to run you through the 3 things you need for a great stand.

1)     Pop-Up Stand

If you’re due to appear at an exhibition, then your primary concern should certainly be making sure you turn up with the right stand. The last thing you want is to worry about lugging a great big desk or counter down to the exhibition hall, but then you also don’t want to come across as cheap and unprofessional by bringing some kind of fold-up garden table.


Enter the pop-up stand. These fantastic products are a lightweight, practical and easy-to-assemble way of getting yourself a beautiful stand. Because they’re so easy to transport, you’ll suffer no logistical problems; and because they look so good, you’re sure to have people flocking to your stand in droves!


2)     Roller Banners

So you’ve picked out a fantastic pop-up stand and know exactly what you’re going to use it for, but now you need to make sure people take notice of it. Roller banners are another incredibly practical way of advertising your stand and getting people to hear about what you have to offer. Their eye-catching designs and the sheer size of their print means that you can catch the eye of someone stood on the opposite side of the room, rather than waiting for them to get closer and ultimately getting distracted by another stand on the way. With one of our roller banners, your stand will be the talk of any exhibition.


3)     Business Cards

With a great stand and a fantastic set of roller banners getting people to take notice of you, then all that’s left is to make sure that you leave a lasting impression on the people that come and speak to you. It’s all very well and good having a great pitch ready, but nothing is more effective than sending people away with one of your fantastic business cards in their hand. This is a great method of making sure that people are reminded of you after the event has finished, and that they have your details if they’re interested in what you’re offering them.

Elite Sign Solutions offer absolutely everything you could possibly need for a great exhibition stand, as well as the best signs Manchester has to offer!

By thomas swales 03 Jul, 2017

You may be sat in the middle of your business premises right now, felling a little smug that you’ve already got a sign fixed above the entrance and expecting customers to come flooding through the doors any second now. Alternatively, you might be growing a little frustrated with the lack of attention your business is getting through your sign, and you’re growing increasingly concerned that people just aren’t reading it at all.

Whichever one of these two categories you fall into, you need to take a long hard look at whatever kind of signage you’ve decided to implement. You need to analyse the font, the colours, the branding and ask yourself one very important question: is it good enough?

A sign is so much more than just a tool to let people know about what you’re offering, because it’s also an extension of your brand. For a lot of people, your sign will be the first impression of your business, so you need to make sure it looks absolutely fantastic.

So how do you tell if your signs just aren’t good enough? Here are our tips for spotting room for improvement:

1.     Content

The first thing you need to look at is the amount of content displayed on your sign. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small sign to sit outside your front door or an enormous advertising hoarding- too much information is a bad thing. If your sign is full of text, the chances of someone actually stopping to take it all in are actually very slim. Instead, you need to keep your content clear and concise, so that people are immediately hit with the key info and are enticed to find out more.


2.     Font

Never underestimate the power of font. Following on from the amount of content, you also need to make sure that the content is easy to read. This may sound incredibly obvious, but you’d be surprised at just how many signs we see that are a little illegible. Additionally, your choice of font should match what you’re trying to say about your brand, allowing the letters on your sign to add to your brand image.


3.     Colours

When you’re setting up your new sign, the most important thing is that people are able to see it and read it. This means that colour is one of the most vital aspects for you to consider in the design phases, because an effective combination of colour will make your sign easier to read from further away- therefore increasing the potential reach of the sign. We recommend using contrasting colours to highlight the key pieces of information, while the use of a striking image could also be more effective than words.

If you think that your existing signage just isn’t doing the job and isn’t good enough, then contact Elite Sign Solutions today for the best signs in Manchester !

By thomas swales 23 Jun, 2017

Here at Elite Sign Solutions, we’re so much more than just a company that designs and installs your very own signage. We offer businesses a convenient way of strengthening their brand throughout a range of different products, meaning that we can provide everything from the sign for your shop front to the uniforms for your staff to wear. This means that you can get everything your business needs in one place!

As part of our fantastic range of branded products, we provide an extensive range of business cards for industry professionals to make use of. From multi-name cards to economy cards to standard business cards, Elite Signs offer you the chance to find the perfect business card for you and your company.

We are the experts in coming up with effective designs that are sure to impress potential clients and customers, and that’s why we should be your first port of call. But why are business cards so important?

·      Convenient

Just like the service we offer here at Elite Signs, business cards are so effective because they’re incredibly convenient. The last thing you want is to be speaking to a prospective client, for them to take an interest and to then awkwardly have to write your details down on a scrap of paper for them. It’s far more convenient for you to have a business card on you, as it’s then much easier to pass your details on to anyone who might be interested on what you have to offer.

·      Professionalism

Picture yourself again having to find a scrap of paper to right your details down on- not the most professional impression to be giving to potential clients is it? The sight of a business card will show people that you’re well-prepared and thorough, which will ultimately make you seem more reliable. With a business card bearing your name, contact details and company logo, potential clients will soon see that you’re the real deal, and this will heighten their interest in your services.

·      Branding

Let’s not forget that it’s not all about making life easier for you, as a set of business cards also help to reinforce your brand. With your logo and brand colours displayed alongside your details, your cards can act as an effective way of advertising your business. Not only are the cards offering clients with valuable information, they also represent your business and help to strengthen your brand image.

We provide a great range of effective business cards alongside the best signs in Manchester , so please get in touch if you’re interested in making your business stand out!

By thomas swales 15 Jun, 2017

Nothing is more important than your brand. When it comes to getting customers through the door and interested in the products and services you have to offer, the main appeal of your business is always going to be how your brand appeals to your target audience. Whether you’re a high street store, a local veterinarian or a nationwide pub chain- your brand is what will entice customers in and keep them coming back for more.

Elite Sign Solutions provide the best rebranding services in Manchester, because we understand the true value of a powerful brand. At the heart of every great brand sits the logo, and our team are proficient in logo design no matter what kind of industry your business works in. If you want your business to succeed, then you need to get off to the best possible start by getting your branding and logo spot on.

So what makes a great logo? We’re going to run you through it…

-        Simple and Memorable

When it comes to designing a logo for your business, it’s incredibly easy to fall into the trap of making it a little too complicated and complex. You find yourself hung up on the idea of getting as much information across as possible, so your logo ends up looking cluttered and messy. With logo design, simple is most definitely better. Think about the most famous logos in the world- Apple, McDonald’s, Twitter- are they over complicated? No. They are all simple, memorable, almost minimalist designs that stick in the minds of potential customers, and yours should follow their example.

-        Display Your Values

Think back to those famous logos. Apple has a sleek, white apple as their logo, which tells us instantly what their business is all about- that they’re innovative, trendy and stylish. McDonald’s also achieve a similar effect with their Golden Arches, with the combination of yellow and red showing that this is a fun, family place for all to enjoy. In order for your logo to be truly special, it needs to display your core values, while also staying simple.

Coming up with the perfect logo is an incredibly tricky process, and that’s why you need to contact our experts at Elite Sign Solutions! Providing the best rebranding services and signs in Manchester , we need to be your number one call!

By thomas swales 13 Jun, 2017

We all know that signs can prove incredibly important when it comes to turning your business into a success, because there just isn’t a more effective way of getting people to take notice of your brand. With your logo clearly displayed on an effective, high quality sign, you’ll be strengthening your brand image and getting customers through the door all year-round!

But there are certain times of the year when you can really capitalise on your use of signage- and Father’s Day is certainly one of these. Because the whole nation is swept up in the excitement of celebrating the annual holiday, they all have one thing on their minds- treating their father to an extra special gift this year.

Well, you can make the most of this trend by boosting your business with Elite Sign Solutions! We’re going to show you how to do just that…

-        Special Offers

No matter whether you own a high street store, a local restaurant or a landscaping firm, Father’s Day presents you with the opportunity of boosting your brand by offering special promotions. You could say that “dads eat free” or “dads get 10% off everything”- whatever it is that will get people through the door on Father’s Day. By using some of our fantastic signs, you’ll be able to effectively promote these offers and get people to take notice of what you are offering them. When it comes to Father’s Day, people would love to think they’re getting a good deal, and our signs allow you to advertise your great prices.

-        Tweak Your Brand

If you don’t want to offer a promotion or any discounts for Father’s Day, then you might want to think about tweaking your brand a little for the special day. We’re not talking wholesale changes here, it could be something as simple of putting a Father’s Day strapline on a sign outside your shop, or adding a little “dad-themed” image to your logo for the day. People always respond to little changes like this- and if you’re able to come up with a witty, charming slogan for Father’s Day, you’ll need a sign to promote it! Ultimately, by taking the effort to incorporate Father’s Day into your business, you’ll make sure you stand out from competitors.

Here at Elite Signs, we understand the importance of signage during national holidays, and that’s why we provide the best signs in Manchester ! Contact our dedicated team today if you want to boost your business this Father’s Day!

By thomas swales 02 Jun, 2017

Here at Elite Sign Solutions, we are dedicated to providing you with a whole host of fantastic products, all of which are designed to boost your brand awareness and to make your business stand out. Whether you want a large advertising hoarding to show off your services, a flexface sign to display your logo, or a series of leaflets to promote some upcoming special offers- we have exactly what you’re looking for.

Such is our desire to make the whole signage process as easy for you as possible, we’ve recently set up our very own online shop, meaning that you can go ahead and place an order directly through our website!

We’re so excited about this new chapter in the Elite Signs’ story, that we thought we’d give you a brief rundown on the big things you need to know about our shop.

-        Vast Range

Upon exploring our online store, the first thing you’re bound to notice is the sheer variety on offer. We’re selling a huge range of products that are guaranteed to improve the awareness of your business, so we’re fully confident in our ability to provide exactly what you’ve been looking for. With roller banners, flat cut letters and business cards just a few examples of what we have to offer- Elite Sign Solutions can provide absolutely everything you need to make your business stand out.


-        Price Calculator

We understand that every job is different, so we do absolutely everything in our power to make sure that we fulfil your requirements. That’s exactly why our online store has its very own price calculator, meaning that you can fill in your own required measurements, material and finish- and ultimately price up the perfect product for you.


-        Competitive Prices

Staying on the topic of prices, you’ll be pleased to know that we offer incredibly competitive prices, meaning that you won’t be able to find anywhere that matches us for cost and quality. Our products are all manufactured with only the very best materials around, giving them a high class finish and impressive durability- but we still offer them at affordable rates!

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to our shop now for the best signs in Manchester !

By thomas swales 24 May, 2017

As the owner of a small business, you’re obviously going to be fully aware of just how important it is to make sure people are hearing about what you have to offer. You might be thinking of launching an extravagant social media campaign, or possibly trying to get yourself on the radio to get your message across. But the bottom line is that there is a much more affordable, effective method of telling people about your business.

Leaflets have always been absolutely imperative to any business’ PR campaign- and the worst thing you can do is decide that you don’t want to use them. Unlike so many of the marketing mediums used today, leaflets are a tangible piece of advertising that won’t just be forgotten in five seconds time. Think about it- when you see an advert for a company on Facebook, how long does it hold your attention until you scroll down to the next one?

An effective, well-designed leaflet can work wonders for any business, simply because it allows you to display any relevant information in an eye-catching manner. But how could your business make use of them? Elite Sign Solutions are here to give you a quick rundown on how you can use some leaflets to your advantage:

1.    Reinforce Your Brand

First of all, leaflets are so effective because they give you a chance to emblazon your brand logo and colour scheme over a tangible piece of advertising. This means that potential customers are much likelier to remember your brand, rather than it being lost amidst an overcrowded online campaign, and will therefore be more inclined to create a conversion. With an aesthetically-pleasing, effective leaflet, your brand will also create a certain sense of professionalism, and people will bear this in mind when they come across your brand in future.


2.    Promotional Offers

Leaflets are absolutely fantastic for any business wanting to advertise a certain promotional offer, and they can often be used to hand out redeemable vouchers and coupons for customers to use. You might find that some people don’t really like being handed leaflets very much, however this attitude will change completely if they realise that a good deal is being offered to them. Once your leaflet has grabbed someone’s attention, they could be drawn in by the special offer and learn more about what your business has to offer.


3.    Products and Services

Marketing and PR is all about getting potential customers to hear about your business, so that you can drum up a bit of interest in what you have to offer to start something of a snowballing effect. Leaflets allow you to do just that, because they give you the opportunity to provide people with the most important piece of information of all- a list of the products and services you have to offer. By displaying prices and brief descriptions of what your business can do for them, a potential customer is obviously much likelier to develop an interest.

Elite Sign Solutions provide a wide range of leaflet and flyer products, alongside the best signs in Manchester ! So please go ahead and get in touch with us today so that we can help you make the most of your brand!

By thomas swales 17 May, 2017

When it comes to running your own business, you’re undoubtedly going to concern yourself with the profit margins, customer service and the operations in place to keep everything running smoothly. This is all pretty basic stuff, and yet many business owners fixate so firmly on these things, that they forget to think a little bit more outside the box and look for new ways to strengthen their brand and, more importantly, keep their staff happy.

One such way is through implementing your very own branded uniform, which will provide you with a whole host of benefits and could ultimately make your business that little bit more professional. Elite Sign Solutions offer a huge range of uniform and workwear products, giving you the opportunity to inject your own unique imagery right through the heart of your business.

But why would your business need uniform and how could it help you? Well, our experts at Elite Signs are here to run you through it:

·         Boost Your Brand Image

No matter whether you’re the owner of a small high street store, a local takeaway or a beauty salon, every business in the world needs a strong brand in order to be successful. With so many competitors out there, you need to go above and beyond to really make yourself stand out- and a uniform can help you do that. By incorporating your brand logo and colours, members of staff wearing your uniform will literally become a walking and talking advert for your business, which will make your brand much more memorable.


·         Staff Happiness

Keeping your staff happy is obviously a key part of running a successful business, and providing your employees with a uniform can certainly help in that regard. Uniforms help to create a stronger team spirit and all-round feeling of togetherness, simply because everyone is wearing the same thing and are clearly on the same team. Additionally, providing your employees with something to wear will save them money, since they no longer have to worry about buying their own work clothes. This will obviously help to keep employees happy, which will make your business a much more enjoyable place to work.


·         Professionalism

When your team are all wearing outfits that display your brand name and logo, then it’s abundantly clear that they work for you and they should behave as such. Because they’re always aware of the fact that they’re representing your business, this could actually help to keep staff acting in a professional manner, which will reflect very positively on your business. On top of this, uniforms make it obvious who’s working for you, so customers will find it much easier to find assistance if they need it.

Here at Elite Sign Solutions, we offer a range of fantastic uniform products along with the best signs in Manchester , so please get in touch if you require any further information.

By thomas swales 09 May, 2017

If you’re a business owner looking to raise awareness of what your company has to offer, then you’re probably going to be adequately clued up on just how important an effective sign could be. It doesn’t matter whether you run a local takeaway, a high street store or even a small dentistry- regardless of the industry you work in, an effective sign never fails to get potential customers through the door.

However, your efforts certainly shouldn’t dwindle once people have taken an interest in your business and stepped inside, and that’s where our fantastic range of roller banners come in. Perfect for advertising products on your shop floor or showing off your services at an exhibition, roller banners are an incredibly cost-effective method of getting your message across.

Roller banners are just one of the incredible products we provide here at Elite Sign Solutions, and we thought we’d run you through some of the key benefits:

·        When it comes to using signs inside an office or shop, the last thing you want is to be lumbered with a great big thing that just doesn’t seem to fit anywhere. Fortunately, roller banners can be folded down to a very small size, and are therefore incredibly easy to store away when they’re not needed.

·        Because they’re so easy to fold away, roller banners are also absolutely perfect to transport around with you. This means they’re ideal for any business owners that spend a lot of time at exhibitions or conventions, and that you can tell people about your business on the go! So if you have a big conference meeting or presentation coming up, you need to get yourself one of our roller banners!

·        Roller banners are incredibly easy to install and you won’t have to waste much time in waiting for them to go up, however it might surprise you to learn just how durable they are. Our banners are made with only the very finest materials, so you can be rest assured that they’ll last you for years to come!

Elite Sign Solutions provide the best signs in Manchester , so please get in touch if you require any further info on the services that we offer!


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