Illuminated & LED Signs

Illuminated and LED Signs

Light up your business with our selection of illuminated and LED signs.
In such a crowded marketplace, it can be incredibly difficult for businesses to stand out and to really develop a strong brand image. Well, with an illuminated sign, you’ll soon find that your brand is turning heads for all the right reasons and that potential customers are really starting to take notice.

Here at Elite Sign Solutions, we believe that nothing grabs someone’s attention as effectively as a combination of bright lights and vivid colours, and our service certainly ensures that your signage is beautifully illuminated. If you’re located on an overcrowded high street, what better way is there to make your business more noticeable?

Whether it’s to light up the logo behind your reception area or to illuminate the sign hanging over the front door, an LED sign brings a certain sense of professionalism to your business and is guaranteed to get more customers heading through the door.

Our dedicated team are the experts when it comes to lighting up any form of signage- whether it’s a flexface or built-up lettering sign, we should be your first choice when it comes to making them shine. It doesn’t matter whether you run a local takeaway or a small dental practise, an illuminated sign is sure to give your business a boost and give you a leg up on the competition.

If you want to strengthen your brand awareness with a brand new LED sign, or if you want to light up an existing sign, then please get in touch with us today for any further information!

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