Health & Safety Signs

    Health and Safety Signs

    Keep your workers and visitors safe with our range of EN 7010 compliant health and safety signage.

    Installing the proper range of health and safety signs is absolutely necessary for every business in the country. If you want to stay on the right side of European law, you need to have the right health and safety signs in the right places of your site, warehouse or business premises.

    Elite Sign Solutions offer a variety of health and safety signs, and all of them will help you to stay EN 7010 compliant. Our signs are dedicated to making your premises a much secure environment to work in, which will ultimately help to keep your staff, customers and yourself much safer.

    Health and safety signs are absolutely vital in reducing the risk of accident and providing instructions/directions in the case of an emergency. When it comes to people’s safety, this something that cannot be taken lightly, and that’s why we only construct such signs with the very best materials out there.

    So whether you need a fire exit, an assembly point or a first aid sign- Elite Sign Solutions are here to make your workplace as safe as it can be.

    What Is EN 7010 Signage?

    Since April 1, 2012, it’s been the law for all workplaces, sectors and locations to display standardised signs with easily recognisable pictograms to ensure a safe, secure workplace. If your health and safety signage doesn’t meet the requirements laid down in this legislation, you could face a heavy fine.

    Elite Sign Solutions’ range of health and safety signs are fully EN 7010 compliant, ensuring that your employees and customers are safe from harm- and that you’re safe from legal action. Don’t take any risks. Call us now.

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